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Pillars of Eternity (2015) Pc Game – Repack

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General Information:
Genre: Classic RPG | Developer: Obsidian Entertainment | Publisher: Paradox Interactive | Crack: None (DRM Free) | Total Size: 4580MB

Pillars of Eternity is a role-playing game created by Obsidian Entertainment. The player controls the actions of a hero traversing a vast, fantastical world alongside a team of independent characters. The game was created with the financial support gathered through the Kickstarter platform. The creators of Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Fallout, among others, were involved in the production process Project Eternity is the first completely independent game from Obsidian Entertainment. The developers decided to use the experience gained in Black Isle Studios and create a role-playing game combining the best features of the genre classics such as Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale Planescape Torment, and Fallout. Among the developers are Tim Cain (Fallout, Arcanum, Temple of Elemental Evil), Josh Sawyer (Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale II, Fallout: New Vegas), Scott Everts (Fallout Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale II, Fallout: New Vegas) Brian Menze (Planescape: Torment), and Dan Spitzley (Planescape: Torment)

The plot of Project Eternity is set in a vast fantasy world. The players can visit a number of realms, including Ruins of Eir Glanfath, Free Palatinate of Dyrwood, Pearl Coast, and Lake of the Drow Tombs. The various locations are characterized by considerable diversity, including different kinds of opponents. While traveling, the main character faces many NPCs, some of which may give him a quest or, in some cases, join his party

The game is based on the classic role-playing game genre solutions. The creators decided to include real-time combat with the active pause option which allows the players to stop the fight and carefully plan the actions taken by the party members. The game also features a character development system based on the experience acquired during the game, and a considerable assortment of weapons, armor, and items that you can buy find, or acquire

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Icewind Dale

Install Notes:
1) Disable Antivirus
2) Mount or burn ISO
3) Install The Game Using Setup.exe
4) Run The Game From Desktop
5) Play!

WARNING: We don’t provide any tech support if game doesn’t work don’t ask us for help. You’ll have to fix problem on your own, download at your own risk. You system might have any problem old drivers graphics card etc. We don’t know about that. game runs fine according to releasers we’re just reuploading it on fast servers.

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